The Vortex Aquavibe system uses Bluetooth and wireless technologies to connect with your iPod, iPad, MP3 player, mobile phone, computer TV, Foxtel or DVD player. No other system connects to more devices.

iPod docking.

Listen to music through our easily accessible iPod/USB dock located in the side of your spa. If you have decided to integrate the Aquaview monitor to your spa then you also have the option to play movies. The docking station is fully weather proof.

Bluetooth connectivity.

Connect with devices adjacent to your spa pool by using the Bluetooth available with the Aquavibe. You can connect with your phone, computer or tablet to access your music files without having to leave the relaxing oasis of your spa pool.

Wireless capable.

By including a wireless sender/receiver you can connect you spas Aquavibe with your home theatre system to watch DVD’s, T.V or listen to music. The wireless connection removes the hassle of cabling and provides a safer solution to continuous and varied in-spa entertainment. Please check with your spa consultant as this technology may not be suitable for your home.

Aquaview digital TV tuner*.

If you have chosen the optional Aquaview monitor, the Aquavibe system comes with a digital TV tuner* so you'll never miss your footy or favourite soap, all in high definition.

Aquaview TV/Monitor.

The optional 17” high definition monitor is the answer to advanced leisure. Watch as much TV, DVD’s and MP4 video as you please from your spa pool.
*Optional wireless sender/receiver unit must be fitted.

Integrated in-spa control.

The Aquavibe top side waterproof control panel allows you to select channels, control volume, mode and playback all from in your spa pool. If you have added the Aquaview monitor, on screen display will guide you through Aquavibe menu options.

* Please note:

Please note that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that they provide the necessary aerial and connections to ensure operation of TV, DVD and Foxtel functions.
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