The Aquaview weatherproof 17” LCD TV/Monitor integrates with Aquavibe system to wirelessly transmit your favorite show from your home TV, DVD, or set top box.

Built tough to handle the elements.

Because the Aquaview TV monitor is constantly exposed to ever changing conditions around your Vortex spa, we had to ensure it meets the IXP6 water standards. This means that it must show zero water leakage when subjected to a high pressure hose, from all angles, for 3 minutes.

Pop-up or swivel mounted options.

You can choose whether you want your monitor to pop-up on the eletro-rise mechanism, or alternatively be mounted on a fixed bracket. These options are dependant on what Vortex model you have settled on. The monitor bracket is perfect for adding a versatile dimension to your Vortex. Through allowing the TV to swivel 360 degrees you can use you TV for entertainment even when you’re not in your spa.

Wireless AV connection.

The option AV sender/receiver attachment gives you the opportunity to live stream TV, Foxtel or DVD’s from your home TV entertainment system. Discuss all options with your Vortex spa pool consultant to determine whether this option is right for you.
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