Vortex Spas are renowned for their superior hydrotherapy performance and features, usually reserved for the world’s most expensive spas.

Hydroflow jets

The Hydroflow jets in the Vortex Spas deliver a world class Hydrotherapy experience by pairing maximised jet pressure with an array of spinning motions and rhythms. Our engineers select from a wide range of jet types, allowing them to provide you with a different massage action in each individual seat. The numerous options with the Hyroflow jets allow us to tailor your spa to your unique preferences.

Ergonomic design

When we design our spa’s, our number one priority is you. We want each and every component to provide you with added luxuries and benefits. During the design of each spa, we strive to produce a unique experience which delivers you comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation, no matter where in the spa you are seated. Examples of this is the positioning of our jets so that they can massage fatigued muscles and pressure points. Controls are always within comfortable reach so you never have to move far to personally tailor your in spa experience.

Intuitive spa controller.

The advanced in spa control system in the Vortex makes navigation and control around you spa pool easy. The majority of functions are accessible with one click of a button thanks to Vortex’s simple to use, top side control panel.

Dual lounger seats.

Through offering two loungers in the most Vortex spas, we have made certain that there will be no more arguments over who will get the best seat. These comfortable, extremely relaxing hydrotherapy loungers are the most sought after at spa time, because of the premium experience they provide.

Individual seat pressure control.

Jet pressure is very much an individualised subject choice and that is why we have made it possible for each seat within your spa pool, to be controlled by a pressure control dial. Not only can you tailor the pressure of any particular seat you are in, you can also adjust the direction pressure of any single jet

Neck therapy collar.

This option is specially created for those who want to eliminate tension and muscular cramps, carried through the upper neck and shoulders from daily stress and exhaustion. Your spa pool should be your sanctuary of relaxation and the Neck therapy collar makes sure of that.

Dynamic lighting options.

Waterline illumination, flood lighting, jet lights, numerous water features, the lighting options available in your Vortex spa pool are endless. Lighting develops a sense of calm and tranquility from the moment you step into the water. All lighting within your spa is at your control and can be altered using the top side controller.

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Aquavibe entertainment system.

Heighten your sense of relaxation by listening to you own music through our Aquavibe entertainment system. Listen to your favourite playlists via the surround sound system through tapping into the built-in docking station or wireless stream from any of your personal devices.

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Aquaview TV/Monitor.

Pair the Vortex 17” LCD TV monitor with the rest your spa pool’s features to seamlessly fit link entertainment with relaxation. Enjoy this quality entertainment system with friends and family and watch movies or view programmes by broadcasting from your home T.V.

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