We use industry leading techniques and materials to hand craft every Vortex Spa, which is why we can guarantee the spa shell for 10 years of trouble free ownership.

Thermabond™ four layer shell.

The Thermabond, four layer shell is used in Vortex spas because we recognise that the shell is the most valuable component of any spa pool. It is vital for the irreplaceable spa shell to last the lifetime of ownership and therefore we use a 4 layer 8 step Thermabond shell lamination method. This method involves curing the shell in a unique temperature and humidity controlled oven, to produce superior durability and quality.

10 year non pro-rata structural guarantee.

Vortex Spas provide a non pro-rata warranty. The majority of spa pool structural warranties are pro-rata and therefore decrease the in value,  the longer you own your spa.  These pro-rata warranties often result in a number of expensive costs and frustrations in an attempt to claim upon an aged spa. A Vortex warranty stands apart from the rest by offering 10 year, no questions asked, non pro-rata replacement cover.

5 year jet guarantee.

Each time a Vortex jet is made, it is created from brand new plastics of the highest grade. Although spa jets can be produced from a combination of reused plastics, a process used by many other spa pool providers, it cannot guarantee the same product quality. The Vortex jet production process, ensures the longest possible lifespan and carries a 5 year jet replacement warranty.

Patented bearing-less jet design.

  Our patented, bearing-less jet rotates around a stainless spindle. This design avoids jet damage by stopping grit and chemical residue build up within the jet’s bearings. Jets provide relaxation and calming muscle therapy and without them functioning to their highest potential you are reducing your spa experience. This design ensures you are provided with the best jet experience every time, with minimal or no maintenance.

Duraflex plumbing.

Specially designed Duraflex flexible PVC plumbing is used in our spa pools because nobody wants a leaky spa! Through adding a rigid PVC coil within the pipework’s walls, it allows piping to bend without causing kinks, avoiding leaks and providing you with equalised jet pressure and optimum reliability.

Duraflex is designed to thrive in hot, chemically treated water conditions. Through pairing this durability with the process of both gluing and clamping each plumping joint, we can confidently provide you with no leaks and long lasting quality and performance”

Unibody construction.

The creation of the a Vortex spa shell, involves developing a solid framework through laminating timber blocks under the spa’s upper lip. After the framework is complete it is connected and fastened to the shell through timber attachment points, forming a resilient unibody construction with increased strength and extreme durability.

Vortex SV Heaters.

The heating element’s within Vortex spas are housed in marine grade 316 stainless steel heater tubes. The elements also hold feature a thick coat of Teflon™, a powerful high tech substance which rejects corrosion caused by water and chemicals. These two components combine to give you a tough, compact heating unit.
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