You shouldn’t need to spend your weekend maintaining your spa or have a chemistry degree to keep the water crystal clear. Vortex Spas give you the ultimate in easy care ownership.

Purezone disposable cartridge.

Vortex’s Purezone spa pool filters deliver superior water clarity without requiring you to soak and clean them on a regular basis. Instead, as part of your water change procedure dispose the old filter and replace with a new one. Another advantage of the filtering system is that it eliminates the requirement for chemical clarifiers and defoamers.

The functionality of the Purezone filter means that the paper pleated cartridge safety filters are only required to be maintained on a monthly basis.

Set and forget Vortex spa control.

Let the Vortex spa pool controller do all the work for you. The controller maintains all requirements necessary to keep your spa pool hot, clean and functioning for whenever you need it. Other than the initial set up process, you will only be left to turn the jets, air blower and lights on and off when you require.

Thermoclad cabinet.

The use of a Thermoclad cabinet eliminates the need for maintenance. The synthetic material avoids issues that come with timbers and other materials when placed in the spa environment. The UV resistant polymer within the Thermoclad also adds to the durability of the cabinet. Therefore, other than a regular wash with a hose, there is no need for constant staining or mould and mildew treatments.

Purezone water management system.

The Purezone water management system means no more daily water maintenance! You can have clean and safe spa water without manually managing your filtration system on a daily basis.
The combination of 3 advanced water management system results in a powerful and reliable water maintenance system. Fitrstly, Vortex’s Purezone micro filtration eliminates water borne contaminants. Secondly, the UV water steriliser eradicates water borne viruses and bacteria. Finally, the Ozone water clarifier gives you water clarity through the oxidisation of organic metals and compounds.
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