Energy Efficiency
You should be able to use your spa daily without the worry of soaring power bills. That’s why we developed these cost reducing energy efficiency technologies.

Power Saving Technologies

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Reactive Heater Control.
Vortex Spas are programmed to monitor thermal drop and adjust their heat up times to minimise power use saving up to 20% on your electricity costs
  Dual layer

By insulating the cabinet of our Vortex Spas as well as the shell, the water in the spa's plumbing is kept warm leading to reduced temperature loss and lower running costs
Meter Compatible.

If you are paying less for your power in off peak times, you can program your Vortex Spa to do 100% of it's filtration during this time - saving you money.
Heat Pump.

Heat pumps are up to 400% more efficient at heating water than a conventional spa heater. Heat pumps, if fitted, will dramatically lower the running cost of your Vortex Spa
Power Consumption

Reactive heater control.

Thermal performance and heat retention is unique to each and every spa and it’s location. The intelligent Vortex control system prompts itself to sync and adjust in relation to the thermal properties of your spa pool, which constantly change due to the daily environment and seasonal changes. What does this mean for you? Less ‘on-demand’ heating and a spa that is ready for you at any time of the day.

The Spa’s Reactive Heater Control reduces the temperature drop required for the heater to switch on resulting in a consistent water temperate .This benefit allows you to minimise you spa’s heating costs.

Dual layer insulation.

Two advanced qualities set the Perimeter Insulation system apart from the conventional ‘foam on shell’ method.

Firstly, because the system involves insulating the cabinet as well as the shell, the Vortex spa is able to recycle heat that has been lost via pumps and other equipment. The system also insulates the spa's plumbing, avoiding loosing further heat and energy. Minimising the spa’s overall heat loss by this method, results in lower running costs.

Secondly, due to the placement of insulation outside the pumps, sound reverberation is minimised, ensuing in a more soothing, undisturbed spa experience


Smart meter compatible.

Smart meters give electricity companies control to charge a higher price at high power consumption times of the day. Smart meters will also allow power companies to reward its consumers who shift consumption to low demand times of the day. 

How does this affect your spa? Vortex Spas use Power Save Software prompting the spa to carryout filtering and heating when power rates are their lowest. This system can dramatically reduce running costs.

Optional heat pump.

The Vortex Hybrid heat pump can reduce running costs by 50%. How? Unlike conventional heaters which require one unit of energy for one unit of heat, Vortex Hybrid heat pumps can produce 5 units of heat from one single unit of energy.

In addition to economical heating, the Vortex Hybrid heat pump also has the ability to cool your spa. This feature allows you to enjoy your Vortex spa in warmer climates, offering a cool and calm relaxing getaway to revitalise and recharge the senses.

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