The Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump will give you the lowest possible running costs, whilst also allowing you to cool your spas during extremely hot summers.

Reduce heating costs.

The Vortex Hybrid heat pump gives you up to 4 kilowatts of energy for free. How? In comparison to alternate spa pool heaters which provide 1 kilowatt of heat from 1 kilowatt of energy, the hybrid heat pump produces 5 kilowatts of heat from one single unit of energy.
Test results conducted under Australian conditions.
Heating Type kWh Cost per kWh Total Cost (24hr) Saving
Conventional spa pool heater 8.5 $0.19 $1.62 0%
Hybrid Heat pump standard 3.7 $0.19 $0.70 56%
Hybrid heat pump with Power Save 3.7 $0.116+ $0.43 73%
* Running costs will vary depending on use, location and climate. Test reports are available upon request. Testing based on maintaining an O2 Spectrum spa at 36 degrees for 24 hours with an average air temperature of 22 degrees. Colder air temperatures may lead to larger savings. Rates based on Energy Australia's average shoulder / off peak pricing as at November 2010.

Exclusive additional benefits.

Not all spa heat pumps are the same and at Vortex we pride ourselves in being unique. The Vortex hybrid heat pump is the only available heat pump that fully integrates with the spa control system, resulting in the following exclusive benefits.

The only spa heat pump that performs both cooling and heating
Vortex provides the sole market heat pump with the ability to cool your spa. On those days where the outside heat seems inescapable your Vortex spa pool offers you a welcoming solution.

Dual hybrid heating for rapid recovery
The need to rapidly heat your spa pool poses no threat to the Vortex hybrid heat pump. The Vortex hybrid was built to thrive in these kinds of situations, offering a huge 12 kilowatts of heating power. It is the only heat pump available which has been designed to work together with the spa’s conventional heater.

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