The wide variety of lighting options available for night time use in your Vortex spa pool heightens your tranquil in spa experience.
Each option provides more than 20 customisable colour variations and 5 lighting programs. Choose your lighting colours, rhythms and brightness depending on your mood. The advanced and varied illumination displays available also provide a great visual entertainment feature for friends and family.

Programmable multi-color flood light.

The Vortex flood light is in our entire spa pool range, its soft light fills the interior of the spa. The flood light has 20 programmable colours and enables a single choice of colour or to fade between colours.

Hydroglow Jet lights.

The Hydroglow jet light system is offered in the Vortex Premium lighting package. This option is for those who are in search of the ultimate lighting experience. This package turns every jet within your spa into a programmable light.

Cup holder Illumination.

For making navigation in the dark easy, our illuminated cup holders make certain you will never spill your favourite beverage.

Illuminated head rests.

Lighting in-cased within the head rests add another fine detailed feature to your spa. The lighting shines softly onto the water and other surrounding elements adding polishing touches to the lighting package of your Vortex Spa.

Waterline illumination.

Waterline illumination wraps together all features of the hydroglow system. The lighting emits tranquility when in both hydrotherapy mode, as well as when the jets are turned off. It transmits a complete sense of serenity and calmness through spreading soft highlights to all areas of your spas waterline.

Illuminated water feature.

A great visual display is created by the two coloured water arc streams which stretch across your spa pool. This water feature paired with all other lighting options within your spa will enhance entertainment events on your property.

Access lighting.

The outside of your spa pool holds a number of fixed down lights. These lights ensure safe entry and exit from your spa pool.

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