Ozone clarification has been used for decades to clarify pool and spa water as an alternative to chemical clarifiers. Choose this technology to reduce running costs, maintenance and chemicals.

Vortex takes ozone to the next level.

Vortex has worked to ensure that you have the clearest water in your spa pool. When used correctly Ozone is a superior spa pool clarifier, but in order to function to the best of its ability it must have sufficient contact time with the water. Without the correct contact time Ozone can be ineffective, cause damages and result in increased cost and maintenance. To ensure that this contact time is maximised we have specially designed our Clearcore ‘off-gas’ reaction chamber. This development to the Ozone system has been vital for the superior quality of Vortex’s spa water.

The science of ozone.

The Ozone process is carried out through the transfer and restructuring of Oxygen atoms. When an Oxygen atom is weak in its molecular structure and transfers its electrons with other organic substances, a binary fusion is caused, resulting in oxidisation. Oxidisation is when a substance transforms, an example of this is rust, which is a result of the oxidisation of steel. Therefore when this process occurs in the spa filtration environment, the weak oxygen molecule within the Ozone attaches to other organic molecules in the water and oxidises them. The result of this is the Ozone eradicating these other organic molecules, leaving only purified, clean water.

Ozone as a clarifier.

Through oxidising metals and other organic compounds, ozone ensures they are able to be picked up and filtered by the Purezone filtration system. Although finer particles are more difficult to eradicate from your spa pools water, ozone is able to detect them and therefore ensures they are filtered out of the water. This complementary system eliminates the potential for cloudy, foaming or bad smelling water.

Vortex Purezone Water Treatment System

standard       optional    
Purezone Micro
Purezone Micro Filtration removes more contaminants than any other spa filter available. Particles as small as 5 micros, 10 times finer than human hair are trapped!
Water Sterliser.
Using the power of ultra-violet light, the Purezone Water Sterilizer kills 99.9% of virus and bacteria. Giving you the safest possible spa water.
Water Clarifier.
The Purezone Water Clarifier uses ozone technology to oxidize and remove micro organics and metals that are smaller than 5 microns resulting in the clearest water available.
  Purezone Auto
Chemical Dispenser.
Regular treatment provides the clearest and safest water in your spa. The Purezone Auto Chemical Dispenser ensures constant water treatment without your daily involvement.
Chemical use Water clarity
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