Is the Mercury for You?

The Mercury is our favourite small family spa. With comfortable seating for 2 adults and up to 3 children, the Mercury is the perfect family choice if space is limited. 

Seats 4-5 adults
in comfort
41 powerful
therapeutic jets

7 / 10
Therapy rating
Dimensions (cm):
200 x 200 x 86
1,280 Litres

Mercury Seating Design

Seating for five
The Mercury seats five people in comfort. There is plenty of room for the whole family.

Dual loungers
The Mercury has two fully jetted hydrotherapy recliners. A combination of air and hydrotherapy jets ensure that your whole body can relax and unwind. 

Shoulder and neck therapy
There is no better way to relieve stress and tension in your neck and shoulders than the Mercury's neck and shoulder therapy seat. There are four hydrotherapy jets embedded in to the collar that target those common tight spots.

Twin toddler seat
The Mercury can be enjoyed by the whole family. The Twin toddler seats are ideal for those smaller members of the family that would other wise have to sit on an adults lap. 


Colour Options

Shell Colours
Pearl Shadow
Pearl Shadow
Stirling Silver
Stirling Silver
Cabinet Colours
Coastal Grey
Coastal Grey

Merucry Features

Neck therapy collar

One of the most common areas to build up tightness and stress is the neck and shoulders.  The Mercury has a neck therapy collar with hydrotherapy jets positioned downward to your neck for the ultimate de-stressing massage.
Spa Pool Lounger Seats  

Dual lounger seats

There is no need to fight over the best seat in the house- the Mercury has two. Our Ergonomically designed lounger offers unsurpassed comfort. The hydrotherapy jets have been expertly placed to relax your whole body, from your neck to your feet.

Individual seat pressure control

Everyone is different and thats why the Mercury has individual jet pressure controls for each seat. Whether you like a deep massage or something a bit more gentle, you can adjust the power to suit your mood.  
  Spa Pool Jet Control
Spa Pool Jet Control

Tranquil water feature

The Mercury has a twin waterfall and a back lit-water cascade feature that creates a tranquil atmosphere. The feature runs from the filtration pump so it even works when the jets are tuned off. 
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Vortex Spa Features
Energy Efficient Spa Pools
You should be able to use your spa pool daily without the worry of soaring power bills. That’s why we developed these cost reducing energy efficiency technologies.
standard           optional
Spa Pool heating Technology   Spa Pool Insulation   Meter Ready Spa Pools    Hybrid heat Pumps For Spa Pools
Thermal Tuning.

Vortex Spas adapt and tune themselves to its environment, day to day, season to season, to reduce heating costs by up to 20%.

Perimeter insulation on the cabinet of Vortex Spas, captures heat otherwise lost from the spa’s plumbing and equipment, further reducing energy costs.
Meter Ready.

Vortex Spas take full advantage of o-peak electricity rates, performing filtering and heating functions using during off peak periods.
Heat Pump.

A conventional spa heater turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 1 kilowatt of heat, the Hybrid Heat Pump turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 5 kilowatts of heat, giving you up to 4 kilowatts of heat for FREE!
Power Consumption
Energy Efficient Spa Pool Heating

Intelligent thermal tuning.

No two spas are the same when it comes to thermal performance and heat retention. The Vortex control system will adapt and tune itself to the thermal properties of your spa pool, in its environment, day to day, season to season, to reduce 'on-demand heating'.

The Vortex control system actually 'learns' about how your spa is behaving. By reducing the temperature drop required before the heater switches on, Reactive Heater Control provides more consistent spa water temperatures and lowers daily operating costs.

Spa Pool Running Costs
Perimeter Insulation for Spa Pools

Perimeter insulation.

The Vortex Perimeter Insulation system has two features that make it a superior to the traditional ‘foam on shell’ spa insulation system.

First, by insulating the cabinet instead of the shell, Vortex spas not only recycle lost heat from the pumps and equipment, but also insulate the plumbing that otherwise will lose heat to the environment. This results in less overall heat loss and therefore, lower running costs. And secondly, by placing the insulation between the spa's pumps and you, you will enjoy a quieter, more tranquil spa experience.

Two Spa Pool Insulation Types
Smart Meter Ready Spa Pool

Smart meter ready.

Even if your electricity provider does not currently offer smart meters, they soon will. Most states have a roll out program for smart meters over the next few years. Simply put, a smart electricity meter allows your electricity supplier to charge higher prices for electricity when demand is high, but reward consumers who shift their consumption to those times of day when demand is low - such as overnight.  

Using Power Save software, your Vortex spa is designed to do it's filtering and heating when power costs are at their lowest. Best of all, the control is in your hands. You can tailor the operation of your Vortex spa to take advantage of smart meter technology to reduce your spa's running costs.

Spa Pool Heat Pump

Hybrid heat pump.

Traditional heaters, whether gas or electric, take one unit of energy and turn it into one unit of heat. Vortex Hybrid Heat pumps take one unit of energy and turn it into 5 units of heat. Even accounting for the cost of running your pumps, overall running costs will be slashed by more than 50%. Over the life of your spa, this will lead to savings of thousands of dollars.

Not only will the Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump heat your spa economically. It will also cool your spa. In hotter climates, when other spas will be unbearable, your Vortex spa will be an oasis of cool water to refresh and recharge.

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Hot To Get Clear Spa Pool water
Don’t subject your family to unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. Vortex Spas feature advanced water treatment technologies that don’t rely on a harsh chemical regime.
standard       optional    
Micro zone spa pool filter   Ultra-Violet Spa Pool Steriliser
  Clean Spa Pool Water
Purezone Micro
Purezone Micro Filtration removes more contaminants than any other spa filter available. Particles as small as 5 micros, 10 times finer than human hair are trapped!
Water Steriliser.
Using the power of ultra-violet light, the Purezone Water Steriliser kills 99.9% of virus and bacteria. Giving you the safest possible spa water.
Water Clarifier.
The Purezone Water Clarifier uses ozone technology to oxidize and remove micro organics and metals that are smaller than 5 microns resulting in the clearest water available.
Chemical use Water clarity
Hot To Get Clear Spa Pool water

Purezone Micro Filtration.

The starting point of any effective water treatment system is to remove any water borne contaminants. Whilst conventional spa pool filters trap particles as small as 50 microns (50/1000th of a millimetre) the purezone micro filtration is 10 times more effective, trapping particles as small as 5 microns (5/1000th of a millimetre).
Spa Pool UV Sanatiser 

Purezone Water Sterilizer.

The UV technology found in the Purezone system is not new. In fact your will find it purifying drinking water and public swimming pools around the world. However, Vortex have pioneered it's use in spa pools. UV sterilization kills 99.9% of water borne viruses and bacterial, including the hard to reach Giardia and Cryptosporidium  viruses. For this reason, it is now mandatory on public swimming pools in many states in the US.

“There is a lot of data, precedent and science behind UV. The most exciting thing is it's ability to inactivate cryptosporidium. UV can stop crypto almost immediately. In fact, UV has the same effect on Giardia, a protozoan parasite responsible for another recreational water illness called giardiasis.”

Tom Lachocki, PhD, CEO of the US national Swimming Pool Foundation.

Through it's sterilizing effect, Vortex's Purezone Spa Pool UV steriliser will not only make your spa safe for you and your family, but in doing so will reduce you use of chemical sanitisers.

Purezone Ozone Water Clarifier.

Ozone clarification is a proven technology that has been used for decades to automatically clarify spa and pool water as an alternative to chemical clarifiers. But used incorrectly, ozone can be rendered ineffective or at worst, damage the components of your spa.
Vortex has taken ozone technology to the next level by linked it with a unique mixing chamber, which increases the ozone's contact time with the water. This ensures maximum effectiveness and eliminates the possibility of damage to your spa.

Tough Built Spa Pools
We use industry leading techniques and materials to hand craft every Vortex Spa, which is why we can guarantee the spa shell for 10 years of trouble free ownership.

Thermabond™ four layer shell.

At the heart of any quality spa is a quality spa shell. After all, whilst pumps and other equipment can be replaced, the spa's shell cannot. For this reason, Vortex Spas use a 4 layer, 8 step Thermabond lamination process not found in most spas. This process includes the curing of the shell in a temperature and humidity controlled oven. This is absolutely vital if the shell of the spa is to last the lifetime of ownership.
Thermobnd Spa pool Shell Construction
10 Year Spa Pool Warranty

10 year non pro-rata structural guarantee.

Unbelievably, most spa pool structural warranties are pro-rata. This means they reduce in value as the spa ages, leading to hefty costs to you if the spa's structure fails in the later part of it's warranty. Vortex spa's structural warranty is non pro-rata. So if your spa's structure fails anytime within the 10 year warranty, we replace it. No questions asked.
Five Year Spa Pool Jet Guarentee

5 year jet guarantee.

Whilst it is possible to produce the spa's jets and other plastic components using a quantity of reused plastics, it is difficult to guarantee their fundamental quality. Vortex spa jets are produced using the highest grade 'virgin' plastics. This ensures the longest possible life span and is why we can give you an industry leading, 5 year jet replacement warranty.


Duraflex plumbing.

Nobody wants a leaking spa! Vortex spas are plumbed using Duraflex flexible PVC plumbing, which is specially designed for use in high performance spas. Duraflex incorporates a coil of rigid PVC within it's walls that allows the piping to flex but not kink. This ensures equal pressure to every jet whilst avoiding rigid right angle joints that can reduce hydrotherapy pressure.

Vortex Duraflex Spa pool Plumbing

Unlike other plumbing options, Duraflex is designed for hot, chemically treated water, meaning that it will not become rigid and crack as the years pass. Every plumbing joint within a Vortex spa is both glued and clamped to give you the piece of mind of a no leak spa.
Uni body shell construction for spa pools

Unibody construction.

As Vortex spa shells are created, timber blocks are laminated under the spa's upper lip. When the framework of the spa is integrated with the shell, fastenings attach the frame to these timber attachment points. This binds the shell and frame together in an unbreakable unibody construction, giving increased torsional strength and rigidly and ensuring the best possible durability.
SpaNet SV4 Spa Pool Controller  

Vortex SV Heaters.

The Vortex heater's element boss and Incoloy element are thickly coated with Teflon™. This resists corrosion damage by water and chemicals ensuring a dramatically longer service life. The element is housed in a marine grade, 316 stainless steel heater tube, eliminating element failures common with lower quality metal heater tubes. The result is a compact and robust long life heating unit.
The Vortex Spa pool Experience
Vortex Spas are renowned for their superior hydrotherapy performance and features, usually reserved for the world’s most expensive spas.
Spa Pool Jet Locations  

Ergonomic design

Many spa pool manufacturers design their spa's seating with their factory in mind. We design our spas with you in mind. Our spa designers are spa users. They ensure that when you sit in a Vortex spa, your comfort is guaranteed. Jets are positioned to massage tired muscles. Pressure points are eliminated and controls are within easy reach. Try a Vortex on for size at your nearest dealer. You won't be disappointed.

Intuitive spa controller.

Do you need to get the 9 year old next door to program your DVD player? Vortex's intuitive spa pool control systems are designed for maximum flexibility and control, whilst being easy to operate, even in you lose the instructions in the first week. Vortex's top side control panel controls most functions with one touch of a button. More advanced control can be attained through the plain English menu functions.
  Intuitive Spa Pool Controller
Spa Pool Audio System  

Aquavibe entertainment system.

By choosing Vortex's optional Aquavibe entertainment system, you gain the ability to enjoy your spa pool whilst listening to your favourite music. Whether through docking you iPod to the spas in built dock, or streaming wirelessly from you mobile phone, iPad, computer or home stereo system, you most loved tunes can be played through the spa's built in surround sound system.

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Aquaview TV/Monitor.

Add the Vortex 17" LCD TV monitor and experience the ultimate in spa entertainment experience. From this weeks big game, to the latest from Hollywood, wireless technology allows you to view content from your home's TV, DVD or set top box, whilst relaxing with friends and family in your Vortex spa pool.

  Spa Pool TV

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Reducing Spa Maintenance
You shouldn’t need to spend your weekend maintaining your spa or have a chemistry degree to keep the water crystal clear. Vortex Spas give you the ultimate in easy care ownership.
Disposable Spa Pool Cartridge Filter

Purezone disposable cartridge.

Not only do Vortex's Purezone spa pool filters provide unsurpassed water clarity, but they do so without the need for weekly soaking and cleaning. As part of your water change process, simply discard the filter and replace. Because Purezone filters negate the need for expensive spa pool chemical clarifiers and defoamers, cost of ownership doesn't increase, but ease of ownership certainly does.

Because the Vortex spa's Purezone filter element takes the greatest share of the filtering load, the auxiliary paper cartridge safety filters should only require monthly maintenance.

Spa Pool Cabinet

Thermoclad cabinet.

Because Thermoclad is produced using a UV resistant polymer, with the exception of a regular hose down, Thermoclad requires no maintenance. Contrast this to natural timbers which must be stained on a regular basis, Thermoclad is a great time saving alternative. Due to the hot, damp environment that occurs around a spa, even the hardiest of timbers will be susceptible to mold and mildew. As a synthetic material, this will not be the case with your Thermoclad cabinet.
Clean Spa Pool Water

Purezone water management system.

The Purezone spa pool water management system frees you from daily water maintenance of your spa pool – because who really has the time?

The Purezone micro filtration cartridge removes water borne contaminants as small as 5 microns. The UV water steriliser then neutralizes any water borne viruses and bacteria. The optional Ozone water clarifier, oxidises organic metals and compounds giving crystal clear clarity. Finally, the optional auto dosing system uses chlorine free Sanosil to take care of any remaining bugs. No other water maintenance system will give you cleaner water, for less hassle.

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Vortex Spa pool Heat Pumps
The Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump will give you the lowest possible running costs, whilst also allowing you to cool your spas during extremely hot summers.
Heat Pump for Spa pools

Reduce heating costs.

A conventional spa pool heater turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 1 kilowatt of heat. The vortex hybrid heat pump turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 5 kilowatts of heat, giving you up to 4 kilowatts of heat for free!
Spa pool heat pump efficiency chart
Test results conducted under Australian conditions.
Heating Type kWh Cost per kWh Total Cost (24hr) Saving
Conventional spa pool heater 8.5 $0.19 $1.62 0%
Hybrid Heat pump standard 3.7 $0.19 $0.70 56%
Hybrid heat pump with Power Save 3.7 $0.116+ $0.43 73%
* Running costs will vary depending on use, location and climate. Test reports are available upon request. Testing based on maintaining an O2 Spectrum spa at 36 degrees for 24 hours with an average air temperature of 22 degrees. Colder air temperatures may lead to larger savings. Rates based on Energy Australia's average shoulder / off peak pricing as at November 2010.
Spa Pool Benefits

Exclusive additional benefits.

Not all heat pumps are created equal. The Vortex hybrid heat pump is the only spa pool heat pump available today that fully integrates with the spa pool’s control system giving you the following exclusive benefits:

The only spa pool heat pump that cools and heats.
When temperatures soar outside, the ability to cool your spa will become an important consideration. Vortex offers the only heat pump on the market with the ability to cool your spa.

Dual hybrid heating for rapid recovery.
The Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump is the only spa pool heat pump available that works in tandem with the spa’s conventional heater, giving you up to a massive 12 kilowatts of heating power when rapid heat recovery is required.

Purezone Spa Pool Water Clarifier
Ozone clarification has been used for decades to clarify pool and spa water as an alternative to chemical clarifiers. Choose this technology to reduce running costs, maintenance and chemicals.

Vortex takes ozone to the next level.

Ozone is a fantastic spa pool clarifier, but it must have adequate contact time with the spa's water. Simply injecting ozone gas directly into the plumbing, or the body of spa pool, does not allow for adequate contact time. By incorporating our Clearcore 'off-gas' reaction chamber to the Purezone Corona Discharge Ozone unit, the contact time that the spa's water has with the ozone gas is optimised. This is vital as without adequate contact time, ozone is at best ineffective and at worst, can damage to components of your spa pool, leading to increased cost and maintenance. Vortex's design team have used their decades on combined experience, to ensure that this long proven technology is used effectively to give you the clearest spa pool water available.

The science of ozone.

Ozone – or O3 – is Mother Nature’s purifier and disinfectant. The 3 stands for the three oxygen atoms that compose Ozone. The normal Oxygen we breathe is called O2, and is made up of only two chemically linked Oxygen atoms. Within ozone, one of these Oxygen atoms has a weak hold on the others, and is more than willing to transfer electrons with other organic substances. This single Oxygen atoms binds with the other substance, causing it to oxidize or turn into something else. Rust is an example of what happens when steel oxidises. When the weak Oxygen molecule in the Ozone attaches to other organic molecules in the water, it oxidizes them. In effect – the Ozone “eat’s ‘em up” and voila! Clean, fresh, purified water.

Ozone as a clarifier.

By oxidising metals and other organic compounds, ozone can cause them to drop out of suspension, allowing them to be filtered out of the spa pool's water by the Purezone filtration system. Without the use of the ozone clarifier, super fine particles can cause the spa's water to remain cloudy and can cause foaming and bad odours.

Stereo and TV for Spa pools
The Vortex Aquavibe system uses Bluetooth and wireless technologies to connect with your iPod, iPad, MP3 player, mobile phone, computer TV, Foxtel or DVD player. No other system connects to more devices.

iPod docking.

Play you favourite music or video from the integrated iPod / USB dock built directly into the side of your spa. This weather proof dock powers your device as it plays meaning that you are only limited by the size of your library. If you have chosen the optional Aquaview monitor, you can play MP4 movies directly from a USB drive.
Using ipod in a spa pool
Connect your Bluetooth device to your Spa Pool

Bluetooth connectivity.

Pair your bluetooth enabled phone, computer or iPad with the Aquavibe system to access your music files from the comfort of your spa pool. Bluetooth connectivity is an ideal wireless solution to connect to devices within 10 metres of your spa pool.

Wireless capable.

Choose the optional wireless sender / receiver and you can link your home theatre system to your Vortex spa's aquavibe system. Wireless technology transmits either video or sound meaning that you can watch Foxtel, DVD's, TV or listen to music without having to connect with messy cabling. Please check with your spa pool consultant as this technology may not be suitable for your home.
Connect WiFi to your spa pool
Spa Pool Stereo Controller

Integrated in-spa control.

Control channel selection, volume, mode and playback without leaving your spa pool. The Aquavibe's top side, waterproof control panel controls all of these functions. If you have chosen the optional Aquaview monitor, an on screen display helps guide you through the Aquavibe's menu options.

Aquaview digital TV tuner.

If you have chosen the optional Aquaview spa pool monitor, the Aquavibe system comes with a digital TV tuner so you'll never miss your footy or favourite soap, all in high definition.

Aquaview TV/Monitor.

This has to be the ultimate in in-spa entertainment. The optional Aquaview 17' monitor allows you to watch MP4 video, TV, Foxtel* and DVD's* from in, or beside your spa pool. This has to be the height of luxury! *Optional wireless sender / receiver unit must be fitted.
Spa pool with TV
Spa pool with TV
The Aquaview weatherproof 17” LCD TV/Monitor integrates with Aquavibe system to wirelessly transmit your favorite show from your home TV, DVD, or set top box to your spa pool. 

Built tough to handle the elements.

The Aquaview TV monitor is tested to the stringent IPX6 waterproof standard, that is usually reserved for equipment that is constantly exposed to the elements. The test for IPX6, blasts the device with a high pressure hose, from all angles, at 100 litres per minute (that's alot!), for a period of 3 minutes. To pass, it must show no water seepage. Now that's tough!

Pop-up or swivel mounted options.

Depending on which model of Vortex spa pool you have chosen, you can choose for the monitor to either pop-up on our electro-rise mechanism, or be mounted on a specially designed bracket. This bracket allows the TV to swivel through 360 degrees, allowing you to view the TV from your outdoor setting, when your spa pool is not in use.

Wireless AV connection.

By choosing the optional AV sender receiver attachment, you are able to broadcast audio / video signal from you home TV entertainment system. This allows you to stream TV, Foxtel, DVD or downloaded movies to your Aquaview system. There are some limitations with the broadcast ability so we would advise you to discuss your own situation with your Vortex spa pool consultant.
Spa Pool WiFi Connection

Hydroglow Spa Pool Lighting
Given that spa pools are more often used at night, our designers have developed a vast array of illumination options for your spa pool.

Each option offers more than 20 colour variations and five lighting programmes so you can customise your spa’s lighting to suit your mood. Even when your spa pool is not in use, it can create a wonderful water and light display to entertain friends and family alike.
Note: Not all features available on all models, photos may be taken from a different model. 

Programmable multicolor flood light.

This 20 colour programmable flood light comes standard with the Vortex spa pool range. It is an ideal solution for softly lighting the interior of the spa pool. Five lighting programs allow you to fade between colours, step between colours, choose a single colour, enjoy party mode or just have a white light.
 Spa Pool Flood LIght
 Lighting For Spa Pool

Water illumination.

As the name suggests, the ultimate lighting package takes spa pool illumination to a whole new level. Waterline lighting creates a wonderful effervescent effect when the spa is in hydrotherapy mode, or simulates the serene lighting of the surface of a calm lake when the jet pumps are not in use.

Access lighting.

Cabinet mounted down lights illuminate the entry to your Vortex spa pool, reducing the chance of slips and falls on dark nights.
Spa pool cabinet lighting
 Lighting For Spa Pool

Hydroglow jet lights.

If extra wow factor is what you are after, the Vortex Premium lighting package includes the Hydroglow jet lighting system which turns every jet into a programmable spa light. Sharing the same colour and program options of the main flood light, Hydroglow jet lighting certainly adds that extra “wow!”

Cup holder illumination

Can't find a spot for your glass of wine in the dark?. illuminated cup holders will guide your hand so you don't spill a drop.
Spa pool cabinet lighting
 Lighting For Spa Pool

Illuminated head rests.

The premium spa pool lighting package is rounded out with illuminated head rests. Hidden LED lighting casts a lovely down light to add a further touch of class to your Vortex spa pool.
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